Thursday, 10 November 2011

This week: Street Righter for the Sega Megadrive

This is a side on view "break Em Up" that was highly unpopular at the time of release.
In it you play Barry Awning, a low level sales exec' who unwisely accompanies he over bearing work colleagues to the town centre after an early dart on a Friday afternoon.

As the drinks flow, voices begin to raise and with them tempers. Before Barry knows it, colleagues are in the early throws of a full on bust up with fellow drinkers. The screen cuts to a side on view of said raging protagonists and poor Barry in the middle. Barry has option tabs including "he's not worth it!", "You can't punch him he's wearing glasses!" and others including "You've got form, leave it out!"

Correct button combinations allow Barry to Calm Ron from accounts, bringing down his rage meter or settle Julie who should know better as she has a 14 month kid at home.

As level difficulty increases, Barry finds himself having to visit Graham Turnidge who covers the CCTV in the town centre. Graham is Barry's only hope as only he has the evidence to convict Alf Staunton from Wages, for glassing the guy in the wheel chair.

This level, titled: Sweet Talk Graham. Has you now facing a "bore meter" as Graham goes to great lengths in telling you he is only covering for the full time guy Kevin Sedgewick, who is on holiday with his partner Sue and the stepson Ivor, who is a nice lad bar the breaking and entering of the Qualcast Factory on Trent Rd. And after all, that was really down to the older lads goading him. Led by that bad lad Ian Snerton, who's dad is serving time for ram raiding Presto's with a milk float.

Having held out long enough to view the footage, it is apparent the quality is so poor Alf looks like Rolf Harris beating a settee with a news paper, so you head home not knowing Roy Barnley from HR has left you a voice mail saying he's inside for shooting a priest.

Game Over


  1. It's certainly original, but makes me wonder why such a game has not yet been created. What with all the problems of juvenile delinquents and such, I'm sure local police forces would be grateful of such an effective edutainment title.

    By the way, this blog is proper cult hero material. :)

  2. Thank you good friend, a gentleman and a Northern Light amongst a bitter sea of Midlanders:)