Friday, 11 November 2011

This week: Public Toilet Attendant for C64

You are Cliff Sedgley, Public Toilet Attendant.
In said role, Cliff's average day is err average. Mopping urine, dropping "scented hockey pucks", emptying the paid for cubicles, and replenishing loo roll.

But as the day progresses, so does Cliff's "busy meter". Mundane tasks increase: More urine, scented pucks, cash emptying. But then new tasks appear. Before Cliff can say "toilet duck", he's now staring at a blocked lav'.
As Cliff applies the plunger, wafts of "pong!" put customers off, shriek "urgh!" grabbing their noses. Before Cliff can even start on the "urine mop meter" (filling it's yellow bar unnervingly quickly), Perry Lanwell the appointed council superintendent is on the blower, and Cliff has to answer some questions.

Perry asks Cliff why he's got a report on his desk from Frank Erston, the local park keeper. Frank wants to know why Len Shirter has been hanging outside "Cliff's" toilets offering kids sweets? Cliff is now in full on panic (as seen in his "full on panic" meter) as he now has to try and reassure Perry that Len was sent on his way (the mop bucket thrown at him) and that he won't be back any time soon. As officious as Perry is, he lets the matter rest leaving Cliff with all meters on red and flashing!

He now runs through his tasks at full speed! Replenish, mopping, coin emptying, unblocking! But Hells Bells what's this, whilst Cliff was on the phone to Perry, Len Shirter has sneaked into a cubicle and written his name and number in permanent marker! Cliff knows combining Harpic with Domestos will clean this, but a bulletin he minimised is flashing up some bowel shaking news!!!

Lord Mayor Thurston Taveriss Twining will be cutting the ribbon on the new disabled toilet and Cliff had completely forgot! Cliff looks at the countdown clock to see he has six minutes to make the place shine and smell like a pine forest containing a sulphur factory.

Will Cliff complete his tasks in time? Will Mayor Twining stop off for a scotch egg at Bella's Buns, buying Cliff more time? Does Len Shirton's plan too moon the local press follow through?

Only you decide

Game over

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  1. Surprisingly close to reality, this one. The outcome to the scenario described is of course: Mayor Thurston-whatever tries to take a dump but is distracted by the name and phone number, mostly because he's fervently trying to dial it on his mobile.

    I think you've got this format nailed now, as you mentioned in your comment on my YouTube channel.