Wednesday, 9 November 2011

This week: Laundromat for the NES

 Laundromat. Ireen has rang in sick and you only have 20 mins to prep' machines, powders, and the "float". Her husband "idle Ron" is playing darts in the Miners Arms and will be of little use. Mr Tillington the owner will be furious if his mate's pub team: Sipford FC are left with dirty kits. It's up to you to keep the place running, update Mr Tillington, and call Ireen to tell her about her work shy husband.

Twelve machines stand before you, waiting powder and fabric softener. Two draws but which draw takes which product?

To add to this, Len the local "soft lad" has wondered in asking for Sue as he can't find "true north". Will you try to help Len, or will you ignore him and get the quilts in the dryers?

All is going well and it's 6:30pm (half an hour till closing) but in walks "Soiled Barry" with his bed sheets. Only one machine is free and Dolly is heading towards it with the gusto of a Laundromat Veteran. Will you stop Len eating powder? Barry from staring at a child? Or beat Dolly to the last machine?

Your destiny awaits, but will it wash?

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  1. Brilliant. I can just imagine the box art for this - a bloke running around like crazy with piles of washing while a bloke sits there completely unaware, reading the paper.