Wednesday, 9 November 2011

This week: Noel's Haunted House Party for the Super NES

In this Game (Halloween theme? I'm really late with this? Oh well) you control Noel Edmonds.
Noel is having serious issues with guests of the haunted kind, so must endeavour to rid the halls of his Crinkley Bottom mansion.

Noel's only defence against this is to fool the haunted ner do wells in more and more over the top, highly elaborate "prat falls" in which Noel participates as a "disguised" interloper, fooling the ghoul into believing a less than believable sub plot.

When the victim is tortured enough, Noel reveals his true identity to the victim, who on seeing it is Noel, begins to laugh uncontrollably. In a manner befitting somebody with a metal plate in their head.

This is Noel's chance to strike and with this he forces the giggling toss pot into his "Gundge Tank", where they are kept and (yes) "gundged" before they (Tony Blackburn) finally realise that their career has long finished, and they spirit away back to late night radio.

In the game Noel may promote enough of his "laughter meter" to deploy Mr Blobby to fall on the unsuspecting spooks, which in turn promotes more of Noel's laughter meter.

The game ends when the local council telling Noel there are no more ghosts and he isn't funny any more

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