Tuesday, 14 February 2012

This Week: Barry Von Richthofen PS1 1995

"A stricken tri-plane is seen above the French Town of Amiens. It is 1918 and The Great War is nearly at an end. Infantry man Barry Blot has just discovered the town and the sight of the plane, having been separated from his unit. Following the plane instead of heading to the town, Blot finds the plane downed in a near bye field.

"Blot approaches cautiously, checking for the "hun" and any life in the pilot. It is clear the pilot is dead and that he is German flyer. Blot drags the body clear before seeing the plane explode in a bright ball of flames. As the flames dance in the rising sun, it is clear to Blot that the man is the image of himself! On checking the pilot's papers Blot is shocked to reveal he is none other than "Manfred Von Richtofen" The Red Baron!

"(Oh and he also looked at the bright red tri-plane, and figured it was probably him.)

So begins the journey for Barry Blot. Removing a flight ready pigeon for his kit bag, Barry writes a message to home:
(The scroller writes)

"Dear Mam and Dad,

The weather here is lovely. It would be better if there wasn't a War on, but hey-ho. Got into some bother in the first battle so ran away. I've had a change of  heart now since I remembered they will shoot me for it. Anyway, you have to tell General Ash Burton Grove that The Red Barron is dead and I am going to be him! Shhh, don't tell anyone, (like that snooty slag, Vera Bollard at number 42) as it's on a need to know basis. I'm planning to fool the hun into thinking I got out alive when secretly I will be sending a flying pigeon home with jerry's plans each week. I reckon my Grammar School German will get me through and I'll blag the flying. Any shooting will involve missing or shooting their lot down!
Stay safe mam, and keep grand dad away from my parsnips in the potting shed!


So begins the game. Barry dons the Baron's flying suit and buries the body. Will the Germans smell a rat? Will Barry be shot down by RAF? How many live pigeons does Barry have in that bag?
All these questions will soon be answered!


  1. Sounds an awful lot like an awesomeified Spectrum game blurb written by the bloke that programmed it in his bedroom! Wish stuff like that still existed today. Anyway, there was once a comic character called Baron von Reichs-Pudding, which this made me remember for some reason. Dunno why. ;)

    1. After writing (typing) that I feel its option for a serious film or pathetic, bbc sitcom are boundless. I did actually think of a serious game the other day, and I've done a check to see if it's been done. It hasn't. The idea isn't even original, so I can't figure out why it was never made


      My premise is simple. You can play alone or with a second player. Player two leans different ways to help obtain grip, whilst player one drives. Speed is an issue as hills appear, but smaller hills are more slippy and require "throttle feathering" and "opposite lock" with steering. Hills would have a flash display of incline to give you a clue of power or direction. I think this being on the wii would work well or a phone with motion detection. This would apply to the weight distribution aspect.

  2. i saw this game in a charity shop other week, didnt have the instruction book and the case was fucked so i left it, or was it FIFA??